Hi, I am Memie.

Thanks for stopping by.

Transcendcity is about stirring in people the desire for personal growth, and motivating those who are already committed. It is a supportive community of like-minded individuals seeking to make positive changes in every aspect of their lives. It is also a platform for those who wish to give back by sharing their life lessons.

I was raised in a society where entire families depended on the generosity of a successful few for their livelihood. With this knowledge in mind, I started to believe that if more people engaged in personal development and self-help, it would bring prosperity and fulfillment to many. This is where I got the idea for this blog.

Our readers will enjoy weekly motivational, heart-warming, and sometimes  hilarious posts in series. They will read about  attitude, spirituality, lifestyle, society, career and more. Posts will be accompanied by inspirational quotes and colorful pictures to  nudge people onto that path they have been longing to take.

The fun part is that we get to feature inspiring stories from our very own readers. They get to pick personal challenges to work on, then update the community for the sake of accountability. The mission of the blog is in its name, Transcendcity – inspiring to go beyond what we think we can achieve.

Happy reading!